Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Section is staffed by Lieutenant Bruce Martin. His job is to investigate complaints from the public and from employees regarding the conduct of civilians and officers plus monitor civil suits filed against the department.

Lt. Bruce Martin has been with the Pensacola Police Department since January 18, 1994 when he was hired as an officer. He was born in Orlando and moved to Pensacola in 1994 from Clearwater. Lt. Martin has an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice Technology from Pensacola State College and a Bachelor’s degree Criminal Justice from Troy State University. Among his assignments at the department before Professional Standards have been Uniform Patrol, Traffic Unit, Neighborhood Services Division, and Accreditation.

When contacting Internal Affairs about a particular incident, the filing of a complaint against an employee can be done several ways. Citizen Complaint Forms are available online (below) and emailed to Lt. Martin , are available in the Desk Sergeant’s Office (front desk) of the Pensacola Police Department, 711 N Hayne St., or they can be made to supervisors in the field. 

Citizens who want to file a complaint can do so online by completing this fillable CITIZEN COMPLAINT FORM  or they can PRINT CITIZEN COMPLAINT FORM (PDF) and hand deliver or mail it to Internal Affairs, C/o Pensacola Police Department, P.O. Box 1750, Pensacola, FL 32598.

The complaint process will vary in length of time, based on the severity of the allegation and complexity of the investigation. The investigative process is controlled by Florida State Statute 112.532-534 (please see Florida Officer Bill of Rights (PDF)), commonly referred to as the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights.

If there are any questions about a potential complaint or how to file a complaint, please contact Lt. Martin via email or call 850-435-1865.