The role of Engineering and Construction Services is to provide design, technical, and logistical support for departments, enterprises, and public right of ways within the City of Pensacola. Specifically, services are delivered in the form of surveys, engineering design, construction inspection, complete project administration (including contract and grant management services), street construction, storm drainage improvements, new building facilities, and many other related site improvement projects.

Engineering is also tasked with the issuance of right-of-way permits and code enforcement associated with permitted activities for modifications and construction in the public right-of-way by entities other than the city.


Engineering & Construction Services is a division of the Public Works Department. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

Our appointment hours are from 8:00 a.m. through 12:30 p.m. for Permits & Engineering Services. 



  • All permit applications with plan review must be submitted electronically using 

               MyGovernment Online (MGO) at,         

  • Guidelines for creating   an account and submitting an application through MGO are available here
  • If the permit requires plan review, original pdf files must be uploaded into the MGO system during the upload portion of the application process. If paper plans need to be reviewed, they may be left at The City Hall Front Desk ATTN: Engineering & Construction Services labeled with the contact information and appointment time/date.




  • Plans reviewed for installation of driveway, sidewalk, directional boring and all construction and uses of the City’s Right of Way. 


  • Temporary use of right of way for dumpsters require and M.O.T. to be submitted.


  • Roadway Cut & Patch requires a Density test from a Geotech lab.


  • Permits will be issued once they comply to Engineering standards.


  • All inspections require a 24- HOUR notice.



The Engineering and Construction Services Division of Public Works and Facilities is committed to finding practical and feasible solutions to the flooding problems exacerbated by urbanization.   

For questions regarding stormwater design and construction please email


  • Upgrade existing infrastructure and to provide new infrastructure improvements consisting of transportation, stormwater facilities, traffic control, coastal / waterfront developments, new building facilities, and environmental related projects.
  • Maximize right-of-way construction compliance with city codes and to assist other departments and the public in properly addressing local, state, and federal requirements relating to most types of development and environmental issues.
  • Please see the flowchart for the Procedure for a Subdivision Approval

City Arborist


  • Charged with the administration and enforcement of the City’s Land Development Code, Chapter 12-6 Tree/Landscape Regulations.
  • Manages applications for zoning and provide site plan approval.
  • Approved or denies permitting within the city limits on all issues dealing with trees.
  • Meets with city residents and tree service contractors to ensure that tree care services are performed to professional standards.


Contact Information


For customer portal and account questions, please call My Government Online at (866) 957-3764.

For permit related questions, please email 

For any questions regarding Engineering Services, please email  

For questions for our City Arborists, please email