Recent City Actions

Improving Management

The city has moved on several fronts within the last several years to address stormwater impacts. First, and foremost, improving stormwater management has been elevated to a priority concern by both the City Council and city staff. This reflected in both operational changes as well as reflected in the city's budget.

Educating Citizens & More

Educating citizens about their personal impact on stormwater, changing city field operating procedures, increasing land development code requirements, and addressing water quality in all city construction projects have been instituted for the protection and improvement of water quality.

Notable Accomplishments

Some of the more notable accomplishments include:

  • Completion of stormwater management assessment for Carpenter's Creek / Bayou Texar that recommended future stormwater management improvements
  • Publication of stormwater pollution prevention brochures
  • Adoption of tree protection ordinance
  • Incorporation of stormwater quality improvement component into East Hill paving project
  • Completion of a stormwater management financial plan that recommends providing additional revenue through creation of a stormwater utility fee to improve stormwater management in the city
  • Adoption of the issuance of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES) that requires the city and the county monitor area water bodies for compliance