Construction Board of Adjustment & Appeals

DescriptionThe Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals reviews and grants or denies applications for variances and waivers of all technical codes, including the building code, the plumbing code, the gas code, the mechanical code, the electrical code, the minimum housing code, the unsafe building abatement code, and the swimming pool code; however, not the life safety and fire prevention codes. Serves as the regulation and discipline board for holders of City plumbing and gas certificates of competency. Reviews the appeals of the interpretation of the Building Official in regards to technical codes.
MembershipSeven members and two alternates, appointed by the City Council. The board shall be comprised as follows: one (1) registered architect, one (1) registered professional engineer, one (1) general or building contractor, one (1) electrical contractor, one (1) plumbing and gas contractor, one (1) mechanical contractor and one (1) member at large from the public. Alternates shall be one (1) member at large from the construction industry and one (1) member at large from the public. Board members are not required to be City residents.
Term of OfficeThree years (alternates serve two-year terms)
Is Financial Disclosure Required?No
Meeting ScheduleAs needed on first Wednesday of every month at 2 p.m. at City Hall and upon call of the Chairman
Agendas & MinutesNone currently
Current MembersAmir Fooladi
Hal B. Gordon
Donald Hanto
Sean McLemore
Stephen Ritz
Clay Whittaker