Mayor's Neighborhood Cleanup Program

The Mayor's Neighborhood Cleanup Program is a concentrated sweep through a selected neighborhood each month focusing on cleaning up litter and removing abandoned vehicles.

Citizens are encouraged to participate in the mayor's neighborhood clean up, which is organized by sanitation services and fleet management and includes volunteers from Keep Pensacola Beautiful.

How the Program Works

The city’s neighborhood cleanup program was first implemented in the 1990s as a way of providing residents with a focused and organized cleanup effort. In 2011 that program was reinvented as the Mayor’s Neighborhood Cleanup program when it was expanded to include all city neighborhoods with a cleanup once-a-year. The program is set up to occur on scheduled dates to neighborhoods during the months of January through October.

Two weeks prior to the clean up day, informational postcards will be mailed to residents living in the designated clean up area.

Code Enforcement conducts a sweep of the area and identifies and addresses any code violations. Enforcement officers will placard any abandoned vehicles and if not removed within 10 days, the vehicles are towed.

Volunteers from Keep Pensacola Beautiful, will help residents clean and remove debris from private property and assist in getting items curbside. For more information, call Keep Pensacola Beautiful at 850-438-1178. When cleaning day arrives, sanitation services employees will collect material placed curbside.

Next Cleanup Day

The next Mayor's Neighborhood Cleanup day will be on August 31, 2019. This month's area is bordered by the western city limit between Fairfield Drive and Bayou Boulevard. The southern boundary follows Fairfield Drive over to Bayou Texar and then follows Bayou Texar over to Firestone Boulevard. The northern boundary is along Summit Boulevard over to 12th Avenue then south to Bayou Boulevard and along Bayou Boulevard back over to the city limits on the west.

See the link at the very bottom of the page for the maps of the cleanup areas.

DO place all materials for collection on the curb by 7 AM on Saturday, August 31, 2019.

DO NOT place materials for this collection curbside until Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

Placing debris curbside early may result in a fee for collection.

Bulk items only - no yard waste or garbage please.

Current Mayor's Neighborhood Cleanup Postcard Area 1