Approved Permits

Address  Application Number  Company  Co-locate
or New Pole
4035 GOYA DR PEN_CORDOVA MALL_058 Verizon Co-locate 
2960 NEWTON DR PEN_CORDOVA MALL_047 Verizon Co-locate 
3651 SUMMIT BLVD PEN_CORDOVA MALL_056 Verizon Co-locate 
3711 MAULE RD PEN_CORDOVA MALL_039 Verizon Co-locate 
4151 STRINGFIELD DR PEN_CORDOVA MALL_137 Verizon Co-locate 
4070 AIKEN RD PEN_CORDOVA MALL_136 Verizon Co-locate 
4125 MONTALVO DR  PEN_CORDOVA MALL_075 Verizon Co-locate 
3847 DUNWOODY DR PEN_CORDOVA MALL_113 Verizon Co-locate 
1851 PEYTON DR PEN_CORDOVA MALL_117 Verizon Co-locate 
461 WOODBINE DR PEN_CORDOVA MALL_112 Verizon Co-locate 
3560 BROOKSHIRE DR PEN_CORDOVA MALL_069 Verizon Co-locate 
4050 GAUGIN ST  PEN_CORDOVA MALL_059 Verizon Co-locate 
4549 LASSASSIER ST  PEN_CORDOVA MALL_064 Verizon Co-locate 
4605 FRANCISCO PEN_CORDOVA MALL_073 Verizon Collocate 
2905 E. JACKSON ST.  E STRONG SC4 HGCE  Verizon Co-locate 
E. GADSDEN ST. & N. 6TH AVE.  PEN_DOWNTOWN_010 Verizon Co-locate 
231 E. INTENDENCIA ST.  PEN_DOWNTOWN_003  Verizon Co-locate 
N. TARRAGONA ST. & E. GREGORY ST.  PEN_DOWNTOWN_007 Verizon Co-locate 
N. 19TH. Ave. & E. Blount St.  E STRONG SC1 Verizon Co-locate 
Hayne St. Between Jackson St. & Gadsden St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_009_FL Verizon Co-locate 
W Romana St. & S. DeVillers St.  PEN_DOWNTOWN_030_FL Verizon Co-locate 
NW corner of Palafox & Zarragossa APNMD_003  AT&T New Pole 
NE corner of Adams & Zarragossa APNMD_001  AT&T New Pole 
SE corner of Palafox & Intendencia APNMD_004  AT&T New Pole 
1660 E. La Rua St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_021_FL Verizon Co-locate 
SW Corner of Cervantes St. & Spring St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_034_FL Verizon Co-locate 
E Gadsden St. between 14th Ave & 15th Ave. PEN_DOWNTOWN_022_FL Verizon Co-locate 
19th Ave. between Gadsden St. & Jackson St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_025_FL Verizon Co-locate 
NE corner of Wrisght St. and Devillers St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_026_FL Verizon Co-locate 
14th Ave. between Gregory St & Hienberg St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_020_FL Verizon Co-locate 
Belmont St. between Barcelona St. & Reus St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_032_FL Verizon Co-locate 
519 n 12th Ave. PEN_DOWNTOWN_018_FL Verizon Co-locate 
W Chase St. and N. Reus St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_023_FL Verizon Co-locate 
N. DeVilliers St. and E. Gadsden St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_027_FL Verizon Co-locate 
3440 Brookshire Dr. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_060_FL Verizon Co-locate 
3070 Logan Dr. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_052_FL Verizon Co-locate 
672 Brent Ln. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_077_FL Verizon New Pole 
5018 Grande Dr. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_067_FL Verizon Verizon
315 Fairfax Dr. FAIRFIELD_DR_SC2 Verizon Co-locate 
3545 Hopestill Rd. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_038_FL Verizon Co-locate 
3880 Baisden Rd. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_040_FL Verizon Co-locate 
3847 Belle Meade Ct. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_048_FL Verizon New Pole
1010 Langley Ave. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_099_FL Verizon Co-locate 
290 Palisade Rd. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_098_FL Verizon Co-locate 
1675 Trinity Dr. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_106_FL Verizon New Pole 
816 Tanglewood Dr PEN_CORDOVA MALL_114_FL Verizon New Pole 
1050 Gerhardt Dr. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_116_FL Verizon Co-locate 
Underwood Ave. @ PSC Baseball Fields PEN_CORDOVA MALL_127_FL Verizon New Pole 
2810 Belle Christian Cir. Pen_Cordova Mall_042 Verizon New Pole
3241 Bayview Dr. Pen_Cordova Mall_046 Verizon New Pole 
3360 Penifield Dr. Pen_Cordova Mall_054 Verizon Co-locate 
4359 Spanish Trail Rd. Pen_Cordova_Mall_063  Verizon New Pole 
4750 Shannon Dr. Pen_Cordova Mall_072 Verizon New Pole 
4855 Mannolette Dr. Pen_Cordova Mall_074 Verizon New Pole 
1441 Langley Ave. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_111_FL   Co-locate 
3900 Bayou Blvd. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_134_FL Verizon New Pole 
3900 McClellan Dr. Pen_Cordova Mall_135 Verizon Co-locate 
691 Connell Dr. Pen_Cordova Mall_145  Verizon New Pole 
103 E Government St. APNMN_002 Collocate  Co-locate 
2040 Morningside Dr. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_139 Verizon New Pole 
6041 Chapman Cir PEN_CORDOVA MALL_097 Verizon New Pole 
3565 Lemmington Rd PEN_CORDOVA MALL_071 Verizon New Pole 
4141 Brighton Dr. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_062 Verizon New Pole 
2635 Semoran Dr PEN_CORDOVA MALL_050 Verizon New Pole 
3560 La Mancha Way PEN_CORDOVA MALL_057 Verizon New Pole 
4101 Argenta Dr. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_061 Verizon New Pole 
2860 Semoran Court PEN_CORDOVA MALL_044 Verizon New Pole
N. 12th Ave & Lee St.  E STRONG SC2 Verizon Co-locate 
S. Barracks St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_036 Verizon Co-locate
E. La Rua & N. 9th Ave. PEN_DOWNTOWN_017 Verizon Co-locate
10 W. Gregory St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_031 Verizon Collocate
500 E Wright St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_008 Verizon New Pole
419 W Wright St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_026_FL Verizon Co-locate
105 S DeVilliers St.  PEN_DOWNTOWN_030 Verizon Collocate
2450 Tronjo Cir. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_041 Verizon Collocate
2130 Summit Blvd.  PEN_CORDOVA MALL_141 Verizon Collocate
2304 Arriviste Way PEN_CORDOVA MALL_140 Verizon Collocate
4295 Lavallet Cir.  PEN_CORDOVA MALL_065 Verizon Collocate
3675 Wimbledon PEN_CORDOVA MALL_068 Verizon Collocate
6005 College Pkwy PEN_CORDOVA MALL_109 Verizon New Pole
Spanish Trail & Brittany Pl.  PEN_CORDOVA MALL_049 Verizon Collocate
30 S. Spring St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_012_FL Verizon New Pole
449 W. Main St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_028_FL Verizon Collocate
500 N. Palafox PEN_DOWNTOWN_033_FL Verizon Collocate
400 E. Intendencia  PEN_DOWNTOWN_013_FL  Verizon Collocate
261 S 9th Ave.  PEN_DOWNTOWN_014_FL Verizon Collocate
5000 N 9th Ave. PEN_CORDOVA MALL_090 Verizon Collocate
4320 N 12th Ave PEN_CORDOVA MALL_100 Verizon Collocate
2010 Cypress St.  APNMN_023 AT&T NEW Pole
50 S E. St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_039 Verizon Collocate

To request copies of the permits or permit applications, visit the Sunshine Center.  Please be sure to include the application number(s) listed above in your request.