Park Dedications

Interested in donating or naming a park amenity at a City park in someone's honor? Let us help!

A tree or other park amenity can be donated to the City of Pensacola and planted without following a formal procedure – a simple request to the Parks and Recreation department will do! We accept these requests quite often and appreciate the generosity and consideration of the members of our community. Park dedications help share the legacy and story of trailblazers who have contributed to our city. 

To memorialize/dedicate a park amenity in someone’s honor the following steps must be performed:

  1. Complete a Park Dedication Proposal Form and send it to the City Clerk, Ericka Burnett ( Upon receipt from the City Clerk’s Office, it will be sent to the Director of Parks and Recreation and will be added to the Parks and Recreation Board agenda. The City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Board currently meets at 10:00 a.m., on the third Tuesday of every month.
  2. Parks and Recreation staff will then contact the donor to confirm that the dedication has been added to the upcoming Parks and Recreation Board agenda. A representative will need to appear at the board meeting on the day that the request is presented to the Parks and Recreation Board or request to speak by phone about the merits of the dedication request.
  3. Once approved the by Parks and Recreation Board, the dedication request is sent to City Council for consideration. The donor will be contacted to let them know when it will be discussed at a Council meeting.  Donors are asked to be available for questions, though participation is not required.
  4. Once approved by City Council, a plaque or other signage can be placed at the locale of the park amenity. The donor will be responsible for coordinating with our Parks Superintendent to complete the process. Please see our Park Amenity Dedication Policy for more information.

Brian Sakey Clay Courts