Charter Review Commission

The City of Pensacola is currently undergoing a Charter Review Process.

Background: Section 8.02(a) of the City Charter states, "During the month of January 2022 and every ten (10) years thereafter, there shall be established a Charter Review Commission (CRC); provided, however, that the City Council shall have the power to establish a CRC more often in the event it so chooses


In September of 2021, City Council and the Mayor appointed a nine (9) member Charter Review Commission.  Each Council person nominated a person from their respective district and the Mayor nominated two (2) members.  

Link to the current City Charter: Pensacola City Charter


Commission Members are:


Samuel Horton Sr. --Chair -- District 2 Appointee

Clorissti Berine-Shoemo - Vice Chair -- Mayoral Appointee

Antonio Bruni -- District 1 Appointee

Mike Wiggins -- District 3 Appointee

Jack Zoesch -- District 4 Appointee

David Alexander -- District 5 Appointee

Lester Smith -- District 6 Appointee

Chris Schwier -- District 7 Appointee

John Trawick -- Mayoral Appointee


Process:  The CRC shall review, on behalf of the citizens of Pensacola, the City Charter and to recommend amendments to the Charter, if any.  After the CRC review is complete, they will submit a report to the City Council; included within the report shall be any proposed amendments, along with wording of the proposed amendments.  City Council makes the final decision as to whether the proposed amendments are (a) returned to the CRC for further review, (b) revised and included on a ballot, (c) included on a ballot without change or (iv) subject to other action.  Any amendments moved forward by City Council will be placed on the ballot of the November 2022, General Election.  Due to certain time considerations, the following tentative timeline has been agreed upon:


January 5, 2022 -- CRC held its first  meeting, an organizational and educational meeting


February-May -- CRC will meet and conduct the Charter Review

Mid-June - CRC work will be completed and a report prepared for delivery to City Council

Late June -- City Council to hold a workshop to discuss the CRC Report

Early July - Special Meeting of the City Council to determine Charter Amendments, if any

July 21, 2022 -- 1st Reading of Ballot Amendment Ordinance (all proposed amendments must be adopted by ordinance)

August 18, 2022 - 2nd Reading of Ballot Amendment Ordinance (it takes two readings to adopt an ordinance)

August 23, 2022 -- Delivery of Ballot Language to the Supervisor of Elections Office

The Charter Review Commission invites citizens to engage in the review process by attending meetings and/or submitting questions, comments, or suggestions.

Link to submit a question, comment, or suggestion:  CRC Submittal Form

CRC meeting agendas are posted to the City's website: