Belmont-DeVilliers Land Use Plan, 2004

The Belmont DeVilliers (West Hill) neighborhood, a long-standing center of Pensacola's African-American community, has undergone a revitalization project that is giving its four-block core a new look. The streetscape project brings new sidewalks, historic street lighting, landscaping, and brick crosswalks to a neighborhood that is one of the city's most historic.

The next step in the continued revitalization of the area is the implementation of the Land Use Plan that involved residents, property owners and businesses in the area to develop the guide for the future of their neighborhood. An essential element of the plan is that it includes ideas and strategies for actually implementing the overall revitalization concepts that are identified. As with any plan of this magnitude, there will be elements that can begin right away and others that will take 5, 10 or 20 years to realize fully. During the 3-month process neighborhood businesses, residents and property owners, with the assistance of HHI Consultants of Orlando and CRA staff, identified opportunities and issues related to land use/development patterns, transportation, traffic management, infrastructure, parking, streetscapes, safety, open/public spaces and redevelopment initiatives.

CRA - Belmont Devilliers

The Future Land Use Plan was recognized with an Award of Innovation for Redevelopment / Revitalization from the Florida Planning and Zoning Association, May 2005. Public participation and stakeholder input were critical components of the process that has resulted in this Future Land Use Plan.