The Pensacola Fire Department (PFD) provides many services to the City of Pensacola community. In addition to emergency call response, Pensacola Fire Department offers a range of services that vary from tours and demonstrations, to fire prevention tips and inspections, to providing access for youth counseling services.

Residents of the City of Pensacola are encouraged to use our contact form to schedule any of these services. Please see our station map for the station nearest you.

Project Safe Place

Every year, children are reported missing in the greater Pensacola area. Some run away from difficult situations at home, others are the victims of child abduction, while others are homeless after frustrated parents have locked them out of the house. The longer a youth remains homeless and living on the streets, the greater the difficulties experienced are as they struggle to survive.

When a young person is in a crisis situation, they need only walk into a PFD station which is displaying the Safe Place sign and ask for help. A firefighter will immediately connect them with Lutheran Services Florida-Northwest for safety, counseling, or other needed services.

View a list of other Project Safe Place locations in Florida.

Station Tours & Truck Demos

Come meet your firefighters, and see where they live and work during their shifts. Station tours can be scheduled at all stations except the airport. Fire trucks and crews are also available on a limited basis to appear at schools and civic functions. Availability is subject to department work and training schedules.

For scheduling information, call 850-436-5200.

Flag flying from firetruck