Officer Memorial

Glenn Rowe Austraw
Stephen A. Taylor
Amos Cross
Curtis N. Jones

Glenn Rowe Austraw
Feb. 26, 1997

Officer Austraw was killed in a traffic accident on Interstate 10 while en route to a law enforcement education class at George Stone.

Stephen A. Taylor
Oct. 19, 1982

Officer Taylor was fatally shot during the robbery of Freedom Federal Savings Bank at Palafox and Gregory streets.

Amos Cross
Sept. 12, 1980

Officer Cross was shot in the face with a shotgun while approaching the front door of a family disturbance call at 610 North D St.

Curtis N. Jones
June 27. 1980

Officer Jones died after his car left the road and struck a building at Palafox and Bobe streets while responding to a burglary in progress call.

Fallen Comrades

  • Louis J. Champa, May 27, 1951. The motorcycle officer was killed when he was involved in a collision with another vehicle at Palafox and Gonzalez streets while responding to a call.
  • Edward O'Brien Pursell, August 12, 1944. He died of a heart attack after being involved in a disturbance with a suspect.
  • Herbert “Tommy” Hatcher, January 15, 1939. He was shot and killed by a 17-year-old suspect while responding to a robbery at People’s Cafe at Hayne and Wright streets.
  • Archie Bowman, August 19, 1938. He was killed while trying to arrest a suspect at 1005 N Davis St. The suspect was later apprehended in Uriah, Ala.
  • Clinton A. Green, February 26, 1938. The officer was killed when his motorcycle collided with another vehicle at Blount and Hayne streets while he was responding to a call.
  • C.F. Bazzell, March 16, 1932. He was fatally injured while responding to a disturbance when his motorcycle struck a curb at Palafox and Garden streets. It was his first day at the department.
  • J.D. Carter, April 4, 1909. He was found stabbed in the heart at Aragon Street and Luke’s Alley. He had been stabbed while serving an arrest warrant.
  • William Burnham, March 18, 1906. He was shot in the chest while responding to a fight near the southeast corner of Wright and Tarragona streets.
  • John Yelverton, June 3, 1899. He was shot and killed on Tarragona Street near the Stratton Ice Works while trying to arrest a fugitive wanted for a shooting in Georgia.
  • James Gordon, September 22, 1889. He was shot to death at the southwest corner of Palafox and Zarragossa streets by a suspect he had arrested the previous day.


Let me speak briefly of the tragic loss
Of Officers Curtis Jones and Amos Cross.
The sword of death has struck them down,
While they served bravely in our town.
Curtis died in a police car crash,
The last sight of Amos was a muzzle flash.
Lawmen, comrades, brothers as well,
Buried our brothers and bade them farewell.
Black covered badges we wear on our chest,
While we mourn our brothers in their final rest.
Mankind no more will they serve, For they are now with God
... As they deserve!

- Pensacola Police Officer Scott Pelham, 1980