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Jun 30

Pensacola Housing Adds Self-Service Kiosk to Assist with Verifications

Posted on June 30, 2014 at 11:07 am by Dawn Corrigan

Effective this month, Pensacola Housing, in conjunction with the City’s Technology Resources team, has set up a self-service kiosk for our clients, landlords, and vendors who on occasion may need assistance with securing data required for program participation.

P Bramlet at Kiosk 3
Pictured: Housing Choice Voucher Program applicant Pampa Bramlet uses
the self-service kiosk to retrieve verifications necessary for her application.

The self-service kiosk can be used to access the websites of the Social Security Administration, Florida Child Support eServices, the Florida Department of Children and FamiliesSpyglass (PSC student site) and local utility companies, as well as HAPCheck, the site for electronic payment records for landlords participating in Pensacola Housing’s Section 8 program.

Our purpose in setting up the self-service kiosk is to offer our clients enhanced customer service while providing information about good data management techniques when accessing personal data on the Web.

Use of the self-service kiosk is reserved for clients who are already working with a housing specialist on their certifications; no walk-ins will be accepted. Clients who need Internet access and don’t have an appointment with Pensacola Housing are encouraged to visit the main branch of the West Florida Public Library, located at 239 North Spring Street, just 3 blocks from the Housing Office.

Section 8 landlords who would like more information about the self-service kiosk and HAPCheck are encouraged to contact Finance Specialist Ursula Jackson at 858-0316 to make an appointment.