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June 25, 2018                                               

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Port Reinvestment Strategy

Port Reinvestment Strategy Community Open House One

What are your priorities for the Port of Pensacola?  This is the central question asked at the upcoming Community Issues and Priorities Open House scheduled June 26–27 at City Hall’s Hagler/Mason Conference Room (222 West Main Street, Second Floor).    

Held over two days, the event is designed to allow the public to drop in and have a conversation with the project team about your priorities or listen in and participate as part of a formal presentation.  Specific hours for the Community Issues and Priorities Open House are as follows:

Day 1:  Tuesday, June 26th
11 AM – Noon Open House, informal drop in session. 
Noon – 1:30 PM Project Presentation #1 and community Q&A 
*Room used for another meeting between 2 - 5:00 PM
5 PM – 5:30 PM Open House, informal drop in session. 
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Project Presentation #2 and community Q&A 

Day 1:  Wednesday, June 27th
8 AM – 11 AM Open House, informal drop in session. 
*Room used for another meeting between 11 AM - 1:00 PM
1 PM – 5:30 PM Open House, informal drop in session. 
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Project Presentation #3 and community Q&A 

One item to be featured at this public meeting is the project’s website www.PortsidePensacola.com and the accompanying community priorities survey.  Both are essential tools to be used throughout the process, with the survey specifically helping the planning team gain a better understanding of your perceptions and point of view about the Port of Pensacola and how best its port lands should be engaged for economic and social benefit.    

This is the first of two primary community work sessions. The second reinvestment strategy meeting will be scheduled for late July or early August. There may be more than one elected official in attendance at these meetings. Watch www.PortsidePensacola.com for updates.

About the Project

“In what ways might Pensacola’s port lands evolve to meet the economic and social opportunities of the next 50 years?”  This is the central question posed by the City and its consultants as it embarks on the creation of a vision plan and reinvestment strategy for the Port of Pensacola.  We invite you to be a part of this important conversation.    

Since its establishment, the Port has served as an important transportation and trade gateway in Northwest Florida.  Early on, goods shipped through Pensacola included regionally harvested lumber, locally made bricks and sailing ship masts.  As Pensacola and the region evolved, so too did the Port’s cargoes.  Manufactured paper, wind turbines, power plant components and services supporting offshore industries all became part of the Port’s increasing specialization within the broader network of Florida and Gulf seaports.   

The Port, however, faces strong economic headwinds in its efforts to remain a self-sustaining enterprise.  The Port’s 50 acres of facilities and infrastructure requires continual maintenance and upgrade to remain competitive in its areas of specialization at a time when local, state and federal resources remain harder to rely upon.  And these headwinds have gained strength at a time of renaissance along Pensacola’s waterfront and throughout the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.  Thus, “how best should Pensacola’s port land evolve?” is an appropriate question to ask as we continue to plan for the future.  

The City has retained the maritime and community planning expertise of Moffatt & Nichol to help with this visioning and strategy effort, with initial data collection and planning tasks already underway.  Over the next four months, the consultants will explore innovative ideas, uses, and community priorities for some or all the Port unearthed through thoughtful, focused engagement of Pensacola residents, port users and other stakeholders.
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